doomed by mila f.

There is no hope. It’s fucked. Everything is ruined. All is lost. We’re doomed. Nothing can save us. Whatever is done will fail. There’s only misery left. We’re all going to die.

CALL 117

call 117 by olga amendola

Italian photographer Olga Amendola teamed up with model Giorgia Andreazza for this editorial as a school project. Remained unpublished for a long time, now submitted to Dark Snow to see the light it deserves, this shooting mixes a little bit of punk, skinhead and 80s vibes.


Intrusive Thought by 109B

Genderless Jewelry Brand 109B 109B is a jewelry brand that aims for no gender boundaries and was established in 2019 by a graduate of Parsons The New School for Design. Blurring the lines between men’s and women’s jewelry, 109B focuses on texture and is minimal, yet bold. 109B’s first collection, “Intrusive Thought”, started from the idea of an involuntary thought, …


The real unwavering Faith, the one to mention, casts itself toward bravery, with its feet kicking the air above: to trust somebody or something, on the contrary, means pushing your rationality to a place it didn’t want to be. I trust something because I had good reviews about it, I trust somebody because I know him. Or her. Having faith …