Exclusive Editorial / MIRROR SYMMETRY by Lina L’man

Some of us
become more than
mere reflections in the waters of
yesterday’s ideas.

Some of us
become more than
the last reaching branch on a tree
that’s been rooted from the seeds of our ancestors.

Some of us
become more than beautiful,
more than man, more than woman,
more than the confines of our own scarred skin.

Some of us burn,
burn with joy, with anger, with sadness,
with want, with need, with lust so we can
begin again.


Photographer: Lina L’man (@lina.lman @yyo.com.cn)

Stylist & Art Director: Rashyd Abdullah (@rashydabdullah @my_name_is_rashyd)

Poem Written by Patrick Schiefen (@schiefthepoet)

Designers: Fei (@feihefeihefeihe), Andrey Yarden (@andreyyarden)

MUAH: Janet Jinyu (@Jinyujanetzhou)

Models: Kaya (@kayaasm) at @women_paris / Soslan (@soslan_) at @karinmodels_official

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