19:45. Darkness is stepping forward into this day. Night is coming and she better find a way to get back to light. Rain won’t stop her cause’ she knows where to go. The red district is waiting for her. One night more, one day left.

Nots and Knots

Nots and Knots

Photographer Zeno Gill told us about this shooting:
«Cacia Zoo and I have worked together several times. For this shoot, we shot in a dance studio in Midtown Manhattan. We wanted to create dark images that showcased Cacia’s fantastically braided hair and facial makeup, both of which Cacia did herself. I shot with 35mm film, shooting double exposures to amplify the effect of the hair and makeup.»


doomed by mila f.

There is no hope. It’s fucked. Everything is ruined. All is lost. We’re doomed. Nothing can save us. Whatever is done will fail. There’s only misery left. We’re all going to die.